4 Best Outdoor Basketballs to buy in 2020

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All ages of athletes are feeling the effects of COVID-19 and are having to become creative with at-home workouts in order to stay in shape. Luckily for basketball athletes, all they need is a basketball and open space. Whether it is in your living room, kitchen or parking lot.

The following article is our own reviews to help you find the best outdoor basketball on the market.


The Spalding NBA Zi/O basketball is an indoor and outdoor basketball. If you do both this would be a great basketball, that’s if you do both and are looking to save money for a quality basketball.

This fully pebbled design for a solid grip and has a traditional channel design. Full pebbling means there is no chance you’ll make contact with a completely smooth part of the cover while using this ball. This also provides a nice grip while in use, and combine it with a deep channel design it offers great control to the user in the outdoors.

Like any other indoor/outdoor combination basketball if used majority outside it wears down quickly after a few months, but even when worn down it still offers fairly good grip. So for durability, I give it an A+.

The Spalding NBA Zi/O basketball is a high-end quality indoor/outdoor basketball. It is perfect for indoor and occasionally for the park if you want it to last long term. I would highly recommend this basketball for combination use, because of its durability and it is probably the best basketball under $50.


The NBA Street Phantom Basketball is an outdoor high-end rubber basketball. The color of paint is all black with some neon color in the letters to assist in a vision at night, but I wouldn’t recommend using it without lighting. On top of the paint adding extra grip, it also has soft-grip technology which enhances for a better handle and more control while shooting.

The basketball rubber is very durable which means it can handle any surface outdoors for weeks. In my opinion, when it comes to resistance to outdoor surfaces I give it an A+, compared to the cheap rubber balls the wear within the first month or two.

The NBA Street Phantom is an official NBA size basketball, which is similar to the weight and size of an official NBA basketball. So with the durable rubber, you can be playing games and drills in the same size ball as NBA but with a rubber feel.


The Under Armour 495 Basketball is a woman sized basketball that is fit for both outdoor and indoor uses. The material is 80% nylon for excellent shape retention, 100% rubber bladder for max air retention.

With the deep channel, the design offers a better spin when shooting, which may be irritating to some users if you are not used to that design. But when getting wet it does get slippery, still have little grip, I wouldn’t recommend using in wet outdoors.

You can use Under Armour 495 in both environments of indoor or outdoor, but in dirty or wet environments it loses grip, I personally wouldn’t use at such a high rate outside like you would say Spalding Zi/O basketball. It is great indoors though with a consistent bounce, but you can get away with occasional use outside.


The Spalding NBA Street basketball is designed for strictly outdoor use. With a Performance Rubber Cover, this will be a great addition for outdoor play, with the addition that it is a cheap product, so you can quickly buy this while under quarantine to help pass time.

The rubber cover combined with the full pebble design gives a great handle to the ball. This basketball would be a great purchase for youth looking to get into basketball because of its easy handle. Also, the deep channels offer a better grip, great basketball for development.

The NBA Street Basketball is a very durable basketball, if a user is strictly outside use I would recommend this basketball first. Besides the affordability of this basketball is also the official size of the NBA league, so you can get the feel of an NBA official basketball but with better grip to develop one’s handles and control of the basketball.