GoSports Basketball Xtraman Dummy Defender Training Mannequin | Huge 7' Size for Shooting, Dribbling and Driving Practice

$73.55 $62.99


  • Pro developed: The xtraman was developed by gosports in collaboration with professional basketball coaches and players to deliver a versatile training aid for players of all abilities.
  • Improve shooting: the xtraman simulates a defender to ensure players elevate their shots
  • Improve dribbling / driving: The xtraman simulates a defender so players must maintain body control while driving to the lane.
  • Gosports warranty: Gosports products are backed by a full replacement warranty and us based customer support
  • Patent pending: A gosports original training tool

The XTRAMAN Stand-In Basketball Defender was developed by GoSports in collaboration with professional basketball coaches and players to deliver the most valuable training aid for new and competitive players alike. In the past, crucial drills have been performed using traditional tools like cones, but the XTRAMAN is the newest and only stand-in defender to accurately simulate the size and shape of a real player on the court – which holds many player benefits. As many coaches know, bad habits can develop quickly and can be difficult to undo. That’s why simulating a real game during practice drills can greatly benefit players of all abilities and skill levels. Developing a greater sense of precision and body awareness carries over to improved teamwork skills and greater player confidence. No other coaching aid addresses player development and crucial skills like shooting and driving better than the GoSports Xtraman.