SafeTackle Pro Football Tackle Ring - Performance Without Risk

$499.99 $465.55


Football tackle training device, tackle wheel/ring

Designed specifically to emulate the Size, Movement, Resistance, and Contours of an opposing player. Allowing for the ability to safely tackle at full speed, exerting maximum force and intensity. Greatly reducing the risk of head or bodily injury involved in player-on-player contact drills. SafeTackle is the replacement for player contact, sleds, and any other ridged tackling device. It is the most efficient, realistic and safest way to practice, train, and greatly increase the proper tackling skills at all skill levels, without player contact. Training, improved technique, advanced skills, open field pursuit, and various angles and methods of contact can be achieved with your SafeTackle. Our desire to influence and open new possibilities to Players and Coaches has driven us to provide a low-cost, high impact product that everyone can use. We have performed significant testing and review of SafeTackle and are so confident in its durability that we offer a full three-year warranty. You will enjoy many seasons of intensity with your SafeTackle. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package contains (1) SafeTackle Pro XLII Football Tackle Ring – Performance without Risk.