TITAN Battle Ropes

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  • BUILD MUSCLE: Battle ropes are an excellent way to tone your arms, chest, shoulders, and core, making it a great upper body workout. With Titan Battle Ropes, you’ll see results in no time! Watch as your body grows more lean, muscular, and chiseled thanks to this amazing piece of exercise equipment. Add it to your fitness gear today!
  • PERFORM DIFFERENT EXERCISES: With our battle ropes, you can perform a variety of exercises. Use the ropes for lifting exercises like waves, throws, and slams. These exercises allow you to build muscle in your triceps, biceps, deltoids, and rhomboids. You can also do shoulder presses and snakes to tone and tighten your core. Get ripped and shredded with pull ropes by Titan Fitness!
  • COMFORTABLE GRIPS: Without proper handles, you could seriously injure your hands. That’s the last thing you want! Keep your palms blister- and callus-free with our conditioning ropes. They feature long comfortable handles that give you a firm grip while you work out. These high-quality handles won’t come undone either, making them long-lasting and durable.
  • HEAVY-DUTY MATERIAL: At Titan Fitness, we believe in making our products an investment worthy of your time and money. That’s why we use only the highest caliber of materials for our fitness gear and equipment — these battle ropes are no exception. They’re made from poly-dacron, so they won’t fray or leave fibers on your floor. They’re also conveniently water-resistant.
  • DIMENSIONS: We offer a variety of ropes to accommodate all your fitness needs. You can choose ropes that measure  50’ in length. They weigh anywhere from 19 to 47 lbs. These ropes have a diameter of either 1 1/2″ or 2”. All ropes come in black and are made from poly-dacron. Order these battling ropes for your home gym today!