Unlimited Potential Speed Chute – Resistance Parachute - Training Parachute – Speed Chutes – Running Parachutes for Football Or Soccer with Free Carry Bag

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  • ★ IMPROVES SPEED AND ACCELERATION: Garage Fit’s running parachute is designed to produce 11-33 pounds of resistance during sprinting to simultaneously perform speed and strength training. It effectively promotes explosiveness and stamina that is vital in field and track sports.
  • ★ TRAIN IN ANY DIRECTION: The waist belt of the speed chute has a carabineer that connects to an O-ring with 360 degree rotation. Unlike fixed belt models, the rotation allows athletes to practice changing direction during high speed running.
  • ★ COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: We’ve carefully padded the waist belt to reduce risk of injury and prevent bruising that is common in non-padded drag parachutes. The high quality design and strong nylon harnesses also ensures durability to last for countless workouts.
  • ★ NO NEED FOR A PARTNER: You can easily use the resistance parachute solo, allowing you to train whenever you want. Simply wear the belt on your waist and sprint. The Velcro strap on the runners belt allows for adjustability between 20-42 inches, conveniently accommodating men, women, boys and girls.
  • ★ EASY TO CARRY: This sport training parachute easily folds down to quickly fit into the included carry bag. Its lightweight design makes carrying it to the field a complete breeze, with the attractive carry bag making this a great gift for any fitness lover. 


Challenge Yourself

Looking to improve your speed and acceleration? Maybe even throw in some strength training in there as well? Then our speed
parachutes are perfect for you! Unlike most exercise regimens that either target speed or resistance training, these chutes allow
you to do both simultaneously. They create between 11-33lbs of drag depending on your speed, which effectively improves stamina,
explosiveness, core strength and builds leg muscles in the process. That’s why parachute running is now widely used by pros in
all arenas of sport.

Train Whichever Way

This isn’t your ordinary drag chute; we’ve worked with numerous athletes to design a product that is all about performance. Unlike
other models that feature a fixed belt design only allowing you to run in one direction, our belt is fitted with a carabineer attached to
an O-ring with 360 degree rotation. So you can quickly change direction while running at high speeds- a skill that is vital in field
sports such as football and soccer.

Here’s what makes this exercise chute top of its class:

– Padded waist harness that reduces the risk of injury.

– Adjustable Velcro strap on belt to accommodate 20-42 inch waists.

– High-grade nylon harnesses that are built for durability.

– Easy-to-use design that doesn’t require a partner.

– Attractive carry bag for convenient portability and storage.